Other big questions of Business

The Pursuit of Success

Michael Ramsden

We talk a lot about “success,” but rarely stop to consider either the meaning of the term or the questions which might help us understand what it is we are pursuing. What is it that makes a life “successful?”


Faith, Fear and the Financial Markets

Michael Ramsden

Insecurity oods our news as we ght to hold steadfast to what we know and work for. But is there any guarantee to our decisions, our work-force and our lives? Who do we trust and what to we look to nd stability in this time of ux?


The Economics of Power

Tanya Walker

‘The Worst Year Ever, Until Next Year’ (The New Yorker). Dr. Tanya Walker explores the nature and scope of power, and the relevance of God, in an unstable world.


Work hard, play hard, now what?

Tanya Walker

It’s made to feel by magazines and other outlets that if you have energy, a few bright ideas about technology, and a garage… you too could “make it.” (Alain De Botton). Dr. Tanya Walker takes a humorous look at the allure of success, the pursuit of happiness, and the ultimate questions of life.



The Search for Connection

Tanya Walker

Sociologists tell us that ‘loneliness’ is a defining feature of present times. A smartphone generation disconnected. Dr. Tanya Walker explores the ancient poetry of a Psalm in the pursuit of the deepest of connections.


Markets, Volatility and Identity

Max Jeganathan

The growing uncertainty of economic and market fluctuations points to the need for a more stable foundation for our personal identity and a deeper sense of meaning-purpose. What can the intrinsic volatility of markets tell us about ourselves?


Cultures for success

Max Jeganathan

The self-help industry focuses on ‘Character.’ Leadership and organisational theory focuses on ‘Culture.’ Management theory focuses on ‘Strategy.’ We hear these words all the time, but what do they mean? How do they interact? And what have they got to do with me and you?

If profits are King, why ethics?

Simon Edwards

In a world increasingly driven by optimising efficiency, maximising productivity and achieving profitability, why do we continue to talk about ethics? Why do we continue to condemn dishonesty in our media, our politics and in our homes?