Does integrity matter?

As individuals, integrity is something most of us aspire to, and it appears in most statements of values by businesses. But what is integrity? Has our talking about the subject kept pace with our thinking, or practical ability? How can we be people of integrity? If our integrity has failed in the past, is there any hope of restoration?

Does integrity matter in the workplace?

Christian Hofreiter

With every business scandal and financial crisis, calls for integrity in the workplace become louder. And, in fact, mounting evidence shows that integrity is good for business: it’s conducive to a positive working environment, and it benefits the bottom line. But would integrity matter even without financial benefits or apart from the adverse effects tied to “getting caught”? This talk suggests a deeper, more existential motivation for living and working with integrity – a motivation linked to the “good life”, to what makes us truly and lastingly happy.

Does integrity matter in the workplace?

by Christian Hofreiter | Festival of Thought

Truth and trust in work and life

Michael Ramsden

More than ever people are searching for meaning and purpose in the workplace and in life. How does truth operate in our world and in our lives? Who can we really trust in an age of post truth?




Truth and trust in work and life

by Michael Ramsden | Festival of Thought

Engaging in business with integrity

Stephen Lam OBE

Almost five decades ago, the anti-corruption organization Transparency International claimed that Hong Kong was one of the most corrupt cities in the world. Stephen Lam is former Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong and former Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, and was instrumental in addressing this corruption in the 1970s. In this talk Stephen shares his reflections on the journey to wipe out systemic corruption from his administration.