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Festival of Thought coming to Singapore

April 2019

What is Festival of Thought?

Your City. Your Workplace. Your Questions.


Festival of Thought emerged from a series of events hosted by banking and financial institutions in Canary Wharf, London in 2015. Some of the world’s largest banks, financial advisory institutions and global industrial companies took part. Since then, Festivals have taken place in a number of global business centres, with the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town hosting our next Festival in April 2018. If you’d like to see Festival of Thought take place in your city please click here.


Hosted at your workplace and facilitated by world-class thinkers and speakers from RZIM, these questions are addressed in ways which often bring new insight, alongside perspectives from the Christian world-view. Festival of Thought is a place where those of all faiths or none are welcome and our events are viewed as incredible learning opportunities, a way of enhancing understanding of values in business or as a contribution to Continuing Professional Development for attendees. The period of open Q&A at the end of every event is always a highlight.


Festival of Thought celebrates questions of truth and purpose in business. Questions of meaning, morality, integrity, faith and culture. Questions we wish could be addressed more often but have little opportunity to consider most of the time. Does integrity matter at work? Where is the meaning and purpose in my career? How can I bring my whole self to work? Festival of Thought is dedicated to the search for answers.

Does integrity matter in business?

Does my career have purpose?

Is truth relevant to the 21st Century workplace?

Results & relationships: is there a trade off?

Has faith got any relevance to work?

Other big questions of business